Annistique Photography

With over 10 years of photography under her lens, Kennette Lamar has made it her life’s passion to capture flashes of precious, stunning and unforgettable moments for her clients and customers. Kennette’s love of photography flourished when she took photography classes in high school and her instructors quickly realized she had that rare gift; the natural ability to photograph images with a distinct style that encompassed unique lighting, texture and a subtly that quickly won her numerous awards and recognition. Kennette’s photographic signature blends her keen photography experience with an astute business acumen, having worked for nearly a decade in the auto industry specializing in Media and Marketing. She can recognize and deliver on what her clients want.

Kennette’s passion of photography called her from her corporate automotive gig back to what she loves doing best. She launched Annistique Photography last year and has not looked back since.

“I believe that Every Picture has a Story! Photographs do not have words or sound to tell their stories, so we have to rely on light, shadows and candid moments to create a special photograph”, says Kennette. “I love what I do and the joy and satisfaction I bring my clients when they see the results of our working together to create incredible images”.

There are significant moments in everyone's life that deserve to be captured. Annistique Photography is passionate about preserving these events on film so that the client, whether it be a father hugging his first son or a bride before she walks down the aisle or a high profile event for 250 people. Annistique Photography’s creative style concentrates on emotions, personalities and sentiments creating a portfolio of memories that will last a lifetime.

Annistique Photography offers a vast array of Portraits styles, Engagements, Weddings, and Events with state of the art editing for Slide Shows presentations with customized words and music selections.
Let Annistique Photography tell Your Story!